What To Look For In A Butterfly Knife

13 March 2016
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Butterfly knives, aka fan knives, have a certain allure because of the action required to expose the blade. Manipulating a butterfly knife as you swing the handles around is always fun, even if you have no practical use for the blade. But, many people actually carry butterfly knives around as a form of protection. Of course, in some states, it is illegal to carry a concealed knife. In some states it is perfectly legal. Whether you want and knife for protection, or just for the novelty of it, there are a few things you want to consider to ensure quality and safety. Whether you are purchasing on the Internet or at a store you will need to be over the legal age limit within your home state. This article explains what to look for when shopping for a quality butterfly knife.

Stainless Steel Blades and Handles

You definitely want a knife with a stainless steel blade. This allows you to sharpen your own blade and maintain it with ease. Of course, you still want to keep your knife dry to prevent rusting. Most blades have stainless steel handles, but many have wood or rubber padding for a more solid grip. This is especially important if you have sweaty hands. A slippery handle when opening and closing a butterfly knife can be very dangerous. You will spend hours perfecting the technique and making it look as effortless as possible. After all, this is a unique part of owning a butterfly knife. So, it is understandably dangerous if your handles don't have a good grip.

A Working Latch

A solid latch is also important. If the latch does not keep the handles securely closed, there is a major risk of the blade being accidentally exposed. This can be dangerous whether you are just reaching for a knife in a drawer or in your pant pocket. Some knives use magnets instead of latches, but these are definitely more temperamental.

The key to having a useful butterfly knife is making sure the blade is sharp and the handles are secure. You don't need to invest a ton of money to get a quality and durable knife. You can get a durable knife that will last for many years without spending too much money. The pivot pins can get dusty and hamper the operation of the butterfly effect, making it hard to open and close the knife.

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