2 Easy Gifts You Can Make Using Stirrups

15 March 2016
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Finding the perfect gift for that special someone can be a challenge. If your loved one has an affinity for horses and western-themed decor, you can easily incorporate stirrups into your gift-giving ideas.

Here are two ideas that feature stirrups in their design that you can consider when it comes to making a gift for the western lover in your life.

1. Create a picture frame using a stirrup.

Many people have pictures they would like to display in their home, and you can help your loved one carry his or her western decor into their picture display by creating a flip frame using a stirrup.

Start by finding a stirrup with a wide bottom that can serve as a base at a tack store. Drill a hole through the tops of the stirrup skanks so that you can insert a metal rod that will hold the flip pages of the frame. Buy some photo sleeves, and attach them to the bar using some metal rings.

You can paint or stain the stirrup, or add some decorative elements like crystals or filigree, to give your flip frame a more personalized look. These frames are easy to make, and they will look great in your loved one's western-themed home.

2. Use an old stirrup to make a hanging wine rack.

If your loved one enjoys having a glass of wine on occasion, then creating a hanging wine rack using an old stirrup could result in the creation of a gift that will be appreciated. To begin this project, you need to find an old stirrup with the leather fender still attached. Try looking for old saddles at garage sales or antique stores that can be taken apart and used for this project.

Cut the fender loose from the saddle, and measure the girth of some wine bottles with a piece of leather strapping. Cut the straps to size, and attach them to one side of the fender using a sewing machine designed to work with leather or a sturdy needle and thread.

Once you have attached three leather straps, attach three metal rings that are large enough to hold the neck of your wine bottles to the opposite side of the fender. Sew a strap with a buckle to the top of the fender to serve as a hanger. Your loved one is sure to appreciate the extra wine storage that will blend seamlessly with their western decor.

Don't be afraid to get creative when crafting western themed gifts. Incorporating stirrups into your projects is a simple way to make western-themed gifts your loved ones will enjoy.